Homeopathic Remedies for Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a virus that is transmitted through the bite of certain female mosquitoes, including one known as the “yellow fever mosquito.” These mosquitoes are only found in tropical and subtropical areas in both Africa and South America, but are not found in Asia. The only hosts of this virus are mosquitoes and primates. Yellow fever is what is known as an acute viral hemorrhagic disease, and the symptoms usually include fever, pain and nausea. Many patients also experience liver damage that is accompanied with jaundice, which is how yellow fever got its name.

Homeopathic remedies cannot cure yellow fever, so they should not be used to replace proper medical attention or any necessary conventional medicine. However, homeopathic remedies can be very helpful in relieving and improving many of the symptoms that are associated with yellow fever.

Aconite and Carbo Vegetabilis for Yellow Fever

Aconite is a homeopathic remedy that should be taken during the early stage of yellow fever. This treatment should be taken when the patient suffers from a high fever that is accompanied with random chills. It works especially well for those that have a rapid pulse. Aconite works by helping to relieve some of these symptoms and can also help to speed up the recovery period.

For those that have yellow fever in the third stage that causes constant chills and general exhaustion, the homeopathic remedy that is known as carbo vegetabilis should be taken. Carbo vegetabilis also works very well for those who would like to prevent yellow fever when traveling to areas where it is common.

Crotalus and Gelsemium for Yellow Fever

The homeopathic remedy crotalus can help to relieve vomiting that accompanies yellow fever. This treatment works especially well for those with yellow skin that bleeds frequently. Crotalus also works well for those who suffer from slight delirium and vomiting. Sweat that contains traces of blood is also common. Those who will benefit from crotalus often have vomit that is black in color.

Another homeopathic remedy, gelsemium, can be helpful for those in the onset of yellow fever if the person seems to be apathetic and suffers from fatigue or exhaustion. This treatment works especially well to help those who suffer from frequent chills or vomiting. This remedy may relieve both of these symptoms and can help to speed up the healing process of yellow fever.

Yellow fever can be a serious medical condition and patients are often hospitalized with it. It’s important to seek out proper medical treatment immediately for yellow fever. Homeopathic remedies cannot be used to replace conventional treatment, if it is necessary. However, they can be used in addition to any necessary treatments.