Interesting and must know tundra biome facts

The tundra biome is generally an ecosystem positioned near the North Pole of the Arctic Circle. It is actually the coldest one of all other biomes in the world. In the winter season, it is extremely cold with the temperatures usually below – 34 degree Celsius. During the summer season, a temperature level in this biome is still too cold ranging from 3 degree Celsius to 12 degree Celsius. This tundra biome still continues its life though it has these higher temperature levels. Some plants, insects, and animals boom there successfully with the compatibility to these cold temperatures. When it comes to the tundra biome facts, these are only little information and you will have to know some more interesting facts about this biome.

Attractive facts about Tundra Biome:

  • Word tundra actually comes from a Finnish word tunturia. It means a land without trees.
  • In this specific biome, the animal populations vary throughout the different seasons. Some animals choose to hide away the winters and other animals migrate to other place where there is warmer temperature.
  • Most of the organisms in this tundra biome get their basic nutrients from the crumbling of the dead organic material. It is due to the extreme cold temperatures.
  • Even though some parts of reserved areas like in Canada and Alaska are considered a part of this biome, the majority of areas in tundra have not been still visited by most of the humans because of the cruel conditions.
  • It is generally considered as a carbon dioxide sink because this biome stores more CO2. There are no trees to grasp the carbon dioxide in this place.
  • There are only very few trees growing in this biome. Under the ice and snow on the top, there is a thick soil layer available. This layer of soil always remains frozen. Thus, this tundra biome will not allow growth of deep rooted plants. 

Some other interesting facts: 

When the people would like to visit this biome, they first need to understand tundra biome facts and they should have precautionary measures while going there.

  • There are over 400 varieties of flowers and 48 different animals in this tundra biome.
  • Another stunning fact about this biome is that it covers about 20 % of the globe.
  • Although Antarctica is not situated in an Arctic circle, it is still considered as a part of the tundra biome because of its very insensitive temperatures.
  • It is the driest place on the earth because it has average rainfall of ten inches per year.
  • During the summer season, tundra biome has daylight for 24 hours.
  • Polar bear is the largest animal living in the tundra biome. The fatty meats of these bears give enough energy to live even in these harsh winters.
  • The plants growing in the tundra biome frequently grow in clusters to protect themselves from the cruel winter winds.
  • There are two kinds of tundra such as alpine tundra and arctic tundra.